Back in 2011, Shell took the final investment decision (FID) on its Prelude FLNG project and started having a floating liquefied natural gas (FLNG) terminal built in South Korea in order to produce and export LNG from the so-called Browse Basin, about 300 miles off the coast of Western Australia. This project is the first… Keep reading →

Obama's New Proposed Regulations On Coal Energy Production Met With Ire Through Kentucky's Coal Country

The leaders of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (known as the BRICS) recently met to launch a newly-created international fund called the New Development Bank (NDB). The BRICS represent roughly a fifth of the world economy and 40 percent of the global population. The NDB will have an initial capital pool of $50… Keep reading →

BJP's Narendra Modi Becomes India's Prime Minister With Landslide Victory

Hindu nationalist Narendra Modi of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was elected Prime Minister of India in May with a strong platform of less government, more governance. Modi’s campaign stood on the pillars of development, growth, and good governance. Now, Prime Minister Modi and recently-appointed Minister of State for New and Renewable Energy, Piyush Goyal,… Keep reading →

Moorburg Power Plant Under Construction

A key indicator of global energy production and consumption growth is mega-project construction. Where are the world’s largest power plants, mining operations, oil & gas developments, utility-scale renewable energy projects or desalination plants being built? These mega-projects require a company to oversee the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) aspects of the capital intensive investments. It’s… Keep reading →

Aleo Produces Solar Panels

In a way, it’s new: A U.S.-based company is among those charged with dumping solar products (instead of doing the charging). But India’s move toward imposing duties on First Solar and more than 20 other solar companies that sell products in the country is really just the latest dose of uncertainty added to the solar… Keep reading →

India Elections Rally For Congress Party leader Rahul Gandhi

The world’s largest democracy is holding its elections, and the result will have big implications for the future of Indian energy policy. By May 12, an expected 815 million voters – the equivalent to the combined populations of the U.S. and the European Union — will have gone to the polls to vote in India’s general election.… Keep reading →


Originally Posted on On the coast of India’s Gulf of Kutch in Western Gujarat, near a small town called Mundra, an iconic fight against Tata Power’s Mundra coal plant is brewing. This fight has become the epicenter of a ‘rousing struggle’ against coal expansion – and a microcosm of India’s election politics. A small group of local fisherfolk are opposing… Keep reading →

Bush , Middle East Leaders Attend Annapolis Peace Conference

The Saudis threatened to block fellow GCC member Qatar’s land and sea borders unless it cuts all Muslim Brotherhood ties, shuts down Al Jazeera and expels think tanks Brookings Doha Centre and the Rand Qatar Policy Institute. Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain withdrew their ambassadors from Doha last week to protest Qatar’s Muslim Brotherhood support,… Keep reading →


Malaysian national oil company Petronas is selling a 10% stake in its proposed Pacific NorthWest LNG Ltd. (PNW LNG) export facility and the gas reserves underpinning the project to Indian Oil Corp. As part of the deal, Indian Oil will offtake 1.2 million tons of LNG – 10% of production capacity – from the liquefaction… Keep reading →

Waste Fuels Energy Production In Incinerator Plant

A huge coal ash spill was discovered on February 2 at the Duke Energy power plant in North Carolina that has caused significant damage to the Dan River. The spill was caused when a storm drain pipe that runs underneath the 27-acre containment pond sprung a leak and allowed 82,000 tons of ash mixed 27… Keep reading →

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