OPEC Summit

This article reevaluates Opec’s power to control the global oil market and focuses on a political scientist’s research that suggests the cartel’s strength has been overblown for years. “But a closer look at OPEC’s real influence over the oil market suggests that we’re making a huge mistake about its global power, says Brown University political… Keep reading →

The Euro Comes Under Increasing Pressure

FERC has been shifting the terminology used to describe electricity consumers from “ratepayers” to “customers,” which better reflects current realities in the evolving utility industry. “The journey away from “ratepayer” starts when thinking about the utility as a provider of energy efficiency, demand response and other demand-side management techniques. When the utility is partly in… Keep reading →

Oil Boom Shifts The Landscape Of Rural North Dakota

By Brad Quick A handful of counties in North Dakota are churning out more oil and gas than the entire state of Alaska. Welcome to the Bakken, the jewel of The Rough Rider State. But a look beyond the drillers working the state’s Bakken field reveals many players who see another opportunity: building North Dakota’s infrastructure. In May,… Keep reading →

Elliott Management Corp. confirmed it is seeking five seats on Hess Corp.’s (HES) board in order to push the company to separate its assets in the oil-rich Bakken Shale region from less prolific international assets.

Oil company Hess CEO John Hess took policymakers to task for failing to formulate a long-term national energy policy in an address to the IHS Herold Pacesetters Energy Conference.

“The US is in desperate need of an energy policy,” Hess said. “It’s fundamental to our economic growth, our environmental sustainability, and obviously our national security,” he said. Keep reading →

A New Jersey fight over new electric generating capacity raised a wide range of fundamental power market issues as it intensified late last week.

New Jersey’s top utilities regulator clashed with the head of the grid manager PJM on Friday over plans to build three new gas-fired power stations in a bid to bring down high retail electricity costs. Keep reading →