Cabinet Members And Top CEO's Testify On Clean Energy Security Act

It’s no secret that the rise of distributed generation is fundamentally altering the traditional centralized power generation, transmission and delivery system, but utilities are dealing with these changes in different ways and NRG appears to be embracing new models instead of fighting to preserve the status quo. In this letter originally printed on the company’s… Keep reading →

Google Reports Quarterly Earnings

The answer is that the two are rapidly converging Google, along with its peers such as Apple, Facebook, eBay, Yahoo, Tesla and hordes of other start-up in and around Silicon Valley, have been the darlings of the Wall Street with their stratospheric market valuations, rising stocks, and growing dominance in the phenomenally fast growing information… Keep reading →

South Australian EPA To Investigate Wind Farm Health Implications

Egypt was recently forced to divert natural gas from LNG export projects to domestic power generation and industrial sectors, and there is no relief in sight. One of the major challenges facing leadership are the substantial energy subsidies that keep gasoline prices below market levels, which is a common issue throughout the region. Keeping the… Keep reading →


The 377 MW Ivanpah solar plant started up in California today amid controversy over wildlife apparently killed by the intense heat emitted from the solar receivers located on top of the facility’s “power towers.” 3,500 acres of specially-designed mirrors focus the sun’s radiation on the towers, which convert water to steam used to spins power-generating… Keep reading →

Google To Buy Smart Thermostat Maker Nest For 3.2 Billion

The changing utility business model in the face of distributed generation market acceptance is a major theme so far in 2014, and Google’s Nest acquisition is a clear signpost on this transitional landscape. It’s becoming increasingly clear that to lead the way in the new power generation and delivery space, utilities need to decide whether… Keep reading →

Solar Power Tariff Incentive Spurns Boom In Gainsville Solar Industry

Not so long ago, DistribuTECH was a trade show focused on core Transmission & Distribution (T&D) engineering equipment. The shift in the last few years has been dramatic and the event now resembles a high tech, Silicon Valley conference. Our industry, like many others, has become a digital one. While it is one of the… Keep reading →


Because they just hit a venture capital home run with Google’s acquisition of Nest. Despite recent mainstream media reports, cleantech venture capital is alive and kicking at the start of 2014. Just ask Peter Nieh and the cleantech team at Lightspeed, KPCB’s Randy Komisar, Venrock’s David Pakman or Shasta Ventures’ Rob Coneybeer. That group, along… Keep reading →

Google To Buy Smart Thermostat Maker Nest For 3.2 Billion

Google acquired smart thermostat startup company Nest for $3.2 billion in cash. Nest had been working on a reported $150 million financing round that would have valued the firm at $2 billion. CEO Tony Fadell – a former Apple SVP – said on the company’s blog “We’ve had great momentum, but this is a rocket… Keep reading →

British Gas Controversially Increases Its Energy Prices

Tesla and Edison are one of energy history’s great duos. Both have granted their names and legacies to companies and entire fields of study, employment and business. But unlike some more distant figures of the past, people are still arguing about which was more important and which more inventive. At a time when innovation is… Keep reading →

Google Developers Event Held In San Francisco

“You’d think the thrill might wear off this whole renewable energy investing thing after a while. Nope—we’re still as into it as ever.” This week, Google announced an $80 million equity investment in six solar photovoltaic projects being developed by Recurrent Energy in Arizona and California. The deal marks the company’s 14th investment since it started eyeing project-level… Keep reading →

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