Illinois Governor Appoints Special Task Force To Review Energy Infrastructure

A Freedom of Information Request unveiled emails between New England government leadership and several energy companies regarding various power and gas infrastructure projects that have some questioning the extent to which certain aspects of the negotiations and decision making were kept from the public. “Regional plans for a pair of multibillion-dollar energy projects have advanced… Keep reading →

(FILES) This photo taken on October 16,

Global energy investment requirements through 2035 amount to $2.5 trillion annually, with $40 trillion devoted to maintaining current supply levels and developing incremental sources to meet anticipated demand. An additional $8 trillion is needed for energy efficiency measures, according the to the OECD’s energy watchdog. [International New York Times] The EPA’s newly-released plan to cut… Keep reading →

Greenspan Warns Of Danger Of High Natural Gas Prices

Ukraine’s deadline for paying its Russian natural gas debt – roughly $2 billion owed to Gazprom – expired last night. Gazprom has said it will shut off gas supplies at 10:00 Moscow time June 3rd, meaning European nations receiving gas via pipelines that transit Ukraine could also be cut off. [Radio Free Europe] The Nigerian… Keep reading →

The Euro Comes Under Increasing Pressure

FERC has been shifting the terminology used to describe electricity consumers from “ratepayers” to “customers,” which better reflects current realities in the evolving utility industry. “The journey away from “ratepayer” starts when thinking about the utility as a provider of energy efficiency, demand response and other demand-side management techniques. When the utility is partly in… Keep reading →

Russian President Vladimir Putin Visits Beijing

After some initially-confused western reporting, it’s now clear Russia’s Gazprom finally did close a long-term natural gas deal with Chinese national oil company CNPC. However, there is still wide speculation about the agreed price – a sticking point that held up the deal’s closure for a decade – and equally if not more importantly, questions… Keep reading →


It appears Gazprom and CNPC reached an agreement on a widely-speculated deal that was expected to be consummated upon Putin’s China visit this week. Reuters is reporting a sales and purchase agreement was struck, but the New York Times reports it could just be a memorandum of understanding, which is not binding and indicates ongoing… Keep reading →

Gerhard Schroeder Becomes Head Of Russian-Led Gas Pipeline Project

Gazprom and CNPC look set to sign a 30-year, 38 billion cubic meter per year supply deal this week at price between $350 and $400 per 1,000 cubic meters. “The deal has been on the table for over 10 years, as Moscow and Beijing have negotiated back and forth over price, the gas pipeline route,… Keep reading →

200 Miners Trapped Underground After Fire In Mine

As the death toll in a coal mine explosion in the western Turkish town of Soma climbs toward 300, devastated workers and residents are lashing out at the country’s leadership. Widespread protests have broken out in several cities as people blame the government for prioritizing profit over safety. Numerous coal mining operations have been privatized,… Keep reading →

China Accelerates Development In Western Region

It appears increasingly likely that Russia’s Gazprom will finally ink a long-term natural gas supply deal with Chinese national oil company CNPC next week, although price negotiations continue, as they have for over a decade. China is set to receive greater volumes of gas from Turkmenistan – and recently met with the country’s President Gurbanguly… Keep reading →

OPAL Pipeline To Connect To Baltic Sea

Williams Partners subsidiary Transcontinental Pipeline will build a 1.2 million dekatherm per day expansion to supply the Cheniere Energy Partners Sabine Pass Liquefaction project being developed in Cameron Parish, La. “Gulf Trace is a pivotal project at an extremely important time for Transco and the U.S. natural gas industry as a whole,” said Rory Miller,… Keep reading →

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