Russia's Gas Monopoly Gazprom Headquarters

Russia’s Gazprom has struggled to assert dominance on the global energy market, prompting speculation the energy giant could be on the brink of folding. [Yahoo] California has failed to deliver on the clean energy jobs promised following the passing of the Clean Energy Jobs Act in 2012, according to the latest figures. [The NY Times]… Keep reading →


The world’s fossil fuel companies risk wasting billions of dollars by not taking action to combat climate change seriously, according to the chief economist of the International Energy Agency (IEA). “Fatih Birol, who will take the top job at the IEA in September and is one of the world’s most influential voices on energy, warned… Keep reading →


The Vatican may consider divesting its holdings in fossil fuels without a categorical commitment, a Catholic church official has stated, despite Pope Francis’s call for bold action to fight climate change and global warming. “The statement – made at a press conference on Wednesday to discuss the pope’s recently released encyclical on the environment –… Keep reading →

gazprom fifa

Major FIFA sponsors came out with statements of concern after the arrests of officials and ex-officials from the global soccer governing body as well as various marketing executives. Visa was particularly strong in calling on FIFA to take “immediate steps” to clean itself up. “Should FIFA fail to do so, we have informed them that we will reassess our… Keep reading →

Exxon Valdez Oil Disaster-15 Years Later

President Obama has come under criticism over his plans to open up vast, untouched Arctic waters to oil and gas production while pursuing an ambitious plan to fight climate change. “As the first president to seriously tackle climate change, Mr. Obama has proposed aggressive new rules to cut planet-warming carbon emissions from the nation’s power plants… Keep reading →

The Deepwater Gunashli complex in the Azeri-Chirag-Gunashli field in the Azerbaijan sector of the Caspian Sea. (Photo from BP)

European objections helped derail the South Stream pipeline project that Moscow was hoping to use to move Russian gas to southeastern Europe via Bulgaria – and now the United States is telling Greece to say no to Turkish Stream, a project that Gazprom and Turkey reached agreement on this week. Turkish Stream would pipe Russian gas through Turkey… Keep reading →

Russia's Gas Monopoly Gazprom Headquarters

The gusher of liquefied natural gas ready to set sail on the world market in the next five years creates challenges for traditional gas suppliers, Russia’s Gazprom among them. State-owned Gazprom is Europe’s biggest natural gas supplier, and it has turned east to China in recent years for new growth and a rival market to… Keep reading →

Australian Prime Minister Addresses Joint Meeting Of Congress

Democrats and Republicans on a House panel are debating over energy spending levels for domestic agencies, clean water rules and guns on federal lands, implementing more than $1 trillion worth of spending bills..”The House Appropriations Committee has approved a $35 billion energy and water projects measure and a $77 billion bill funding the Department of… Keep reading →


Western economic sanctions against Russian oil and energy interests are steadily playing out, this time affecting French oil major Total S.A.’s ability to finance part of the $27 billion Yamal liquefied natural gas (LNG) project in the Russian Arctic. Reports broke toward the end of last week that Total will seek as much as $15… Keep reading →

Russian Gas Supplies Through Ukraine Turned Off

The Ukrainian state-controlled natural gas company Naftogaz has its work set out for it as the Soviet vestige seeks to cut reliance on Russia’s Gazprom. “Ukraine has one of the most important transit pipelines for Russian gas exports to the rest of Europe. Fifteen percent of the EU’s imported gas flows through Ukraine. At the same time,… Keep reading →

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