Las Vegas Begins Replacing 6600 Streetlights With LED Fixtures

NIR (Near Infared Technology) Modeler Shell; Port Arthur, TX The NIR Modeler is accountable for maintaining and developing expertise/knowledge in the analytical/process chemistry discipline and use of correlations and models. In addition, they will support reliable operation of the laboratory and process units to meet production (quality), safety, environmental and margin requirements. If interested in… Keep reading →

CEO's Discuss Future Of American Manufacturing In Washington

GE CEO Jeff Immelt said the company is researching technology that could use carbon dioxide instead of water for hydraulic fracturing operations. GE is reportedly putting an additional $10 billion through 2020 into its “ecoimagination” budget, which focuses on energy solutions including high efficiency natural gas turbines, “CNG In a Box,” wind turbine manufacture and… Keep reading →

UAE 2013 158

Breaking Energy had the honor of touring Masdar City in Abu Dhabi last year – a UAE government-supported initiative to build the world’s most sustainable city – which will house research centers and corporations doing cutting-edge sustainable energy work. Masdar City reached a milestone with the opening of GE’s Ecomagination Clean Tech Hub. “The new… Keep reading →

Australian Electricity Prices Surge 50 Percent In Five Years

Tools that offer effective communications between utilities and their customers have opened up a broad range of new business opportunities, especially in the field of data analytics. There has been no shortage of commentary on the importance of understanding the reams of data now available to utilities from “smart” technologies if that data is to… Keep reading →

U.S. President Barack Obama

A couple of firsts, and one sloppy second… Some citizens of Sub-Saharan African countries may get access to reliable electricity for the first time. President Obama has announced plans to invest $7 bln over five years to expand access to electricity in Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Nigeria and Tanzania, mostly as loans to buy US… Keep reading →

A picture taken from a helicopter shows

The ongoing boom in energy and industry infrastructure around the world, and the high price tags of many of these projects, have created a niche for entities like Siemens Financial Services, which can serve as a specialized financial intermediary for getting projects funded and built. Siemens Financial Services is the finance arm of technology and… Keep reading →

TPDC at Jupiter West, Fla. on Jan. 13, 2012. Tom Winter

June 1 marked the start of hurricane season, meaning that utilities and customers in vulnerable areas should be gearing up to manage power outages. Ways of improving the reliability of power generation include providing the utility with more information in less time, and creating generation systems that can operate totally independently of the grid. Updating… Keep reading →

The US wind power industry had a banner year in 2012, as developers raced to bring on projects before the federal production tax credit was set to expire at the end of the year. The frantic rush to take advantage of the tax incentive resulted in some impressive statistics highlighted in the American Wind Energy Association’s U.S. Wind Industry Annual Market Report for 2012, released Thursday.

Breaking Energy recently sat down with AWEA’s vice president of public affairs Peter Kelley ahead of the launch to gain some insight into what made 2012 so important and what to expect from the industry going forward. Keep reading →

The mobile internet revolution has been driven by customers rather than companies, with the most innovative work being done for consumers who often then turn around to companies and ask why they can’t use the same tools at work.

Now – thanks to Google and GE – they can. The two companies have launched a partnership for the utility business that leverages the combination of Google’s customer-facing approach with its ease of use and intuitive maps functions with the deep sector knowledge of GE. Customers accessing GE’s information on energy assets can now load that data on top of Google’s maps functions rather than requiring separate custom-built technology with accompanying training hurdles and potential bugs or mismatches. Keep reading →

Utilities are using only one fifth of the data they collect and create in analysis that can create efficiencies and improve performance, GE says, and the industrial giant is turning up its information technology efforts to help those companies better see and optimize their surging data agglomeration.

The new Grid IQ Insight analytics platform that GE is launching at this week’s high-profile DistribuTECH conference is part of the larger company’s focus on the “industrial internet,” a wave of monitored and intelligent infrastructure that can wring $150 billion of unrealized efficiencies out of the economy, Grid IQ insight product line leader Giri Iyer told Breaking Energy in a recent interview. Keep reading →

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