Nuclear Power Plants Tighten Their Security

Germany’s planned nuclear switch-off is driving a surge in clean energy investment. [The Guardian] General Electric announced Monday that it had finalised a deal to acquire the energy assets of France’s Alstom for $10.7 billion. [Yahoo] The $2.2 billion Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System benefited from a $1.6 billion Energy Department loan guarantee has been… Keep reading →

5 Energy Trends Driving Climate Progress In 2015


What a difference a year can make. Even before the last weeks tick away, 2015 stands out as a remarkable and dynamic year for climate and energy in the United States. Read on for five bold trends that are beginning to reshape our economy – and our national discourse on climate change. 1. Investments in… Keep reading →

US President Barack Obama tours Cree, In

General Electric (GE), Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) and Oak Ridge    National Laboratory (ORNL) have created new kinds of fluorescent lighting phosphors that use far less rare-earth elements than current technology. Phosphors are the substances inside fluorescent tube bulbs that make them glow. Rare-earth elements are hard to come by. The United States has… Keep reading →


“It’s a sign of the times that GE has created a specific focus on an integrated offering, one that has the ability to marry technology with digital analytics to engage end-use customers in actually becoming active grid participants at the grid edge,” said Steve Propper, director of grid edge at GTM Research.  General Electric has… Keep reading →

power lines

GE is creating a company to house developing energy businesses which will focus on providing products and services in energy efficiency, renewable generation and storage. [The New York Times] Duke Energy is under fire in a complaint that accuses the company of being one of the worst polluters in the country. [The LA Times] Wind power is… Keep reading →

industrial internet of things

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is transforming the way the energy business is conducted by creating billions of data points that can be harnessed and turned into actionable intelligence for improving operations and efficiencies. There is no greater evidence of the importance of the IIoT than the innovations of two of the largest technology… Keep reading →

Stocks Continue Two Day Slide Downward After Federal Reserve Comments

The stock market closed with another record figure on Thursday as rising oil prices bolstered energy stocks.”Best Buy was among the biggest gainers after reporting earnings that exceeded the expectations of Wall Street analysts. Lumber Liquidators, a specialty retailer of hardwood flooring, plunged after its CEO abruptly quit the company. Stocks are trading at record levels,… Keep reading →

9HA gas turbine in validation test stand

The first natural gas-fired turbine for US power generation and one of today’s state-of-the-art designs currently live a couple hundred yards apart on GE’s massive 413-acre Greenville, South Carolina campus. The fact that both machines convert natural gas into electricity is pretty much where the similarities end. The first gas turbine used for electric utility… Keep reading →

Coal Shortage Causes Short Supply Of Power in China

Duke Energy and Lee County natives in North Carolina are struggling to reach a settlement over disputed toxic ash produced from the burning of coal to harness electricity. “It leaves behind ash that can contain arsenic, selenium, boron and many other toxic substances.For decades, that ash simply has been buried in pits near the power… Keep reading →

Monitoring & Diagnostic Center_Atlanta

  Today GE announced its ‘predictive maintenance’ program driven by operational data from the company’s global fleet of more than 1,500 gas turbines helped decrease power plant downtime and saved customers an estimated $70 million in 2014. When a gas-fired power plant goes down due to a maintenance issue, that generation capacity must be replaced… Keep reading →

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