A recent report casts doubt on whether proposed federal legislation would actually accelerate decisions on the siting of cross-border energy infrastructure.

Initial Decision Finds That BP Manipulated 2008 Natural Gas Market In Texas

A BP station in downtown Chicago - at th

On August 13, 2015, a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Administrative Law Judge issued an initial decision in which she found that BP America Inc manipulated the natural gas market in Texas for over two and a half months in 2008.

Renewable Energy Update – July 2015 #3

Germany Seeks Ambitious Goals For Renewable Energy

A U.S. Senate committee has voted to extend more than 50 tax policies, including production and investment tax credits that incentivize wind farm construction.

Government Shutdown Continues Into Weekend

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), a grid operator, states, and other parties just filed briefs with the U.S. Supreme Court in a case that could decide whether Americans have access to low-cost, clean and reliable electricity. The case, EPSA v. FERC, revolves around demand response, a resource that helps keep prices low and the… Keep reading →

Energy & Environment Update – June 2015 #4

EPA's Michael Leavitt Signs Clean Air Nonroad Diesel Rule

The House and Senate have a full final week until the July 4 recess. The Senate is scheduled to address President Obama’s trade legislation, and the House will focus much of the week on environmental regulation challenges.

Congress Struggles With Funding Repairs To U.S. Capitol Dome

A House panel approved a bill on Wednesday implementing drastic spending cuts for the EPA along with provisions blocking its rule-making. “The House Interior and Environment appropriations bill would cut EPA funding by $718 million, or 9 percent, next year and block a handful of environmental rules the agency is looking to put out this… Keep reading →

Europe Fears Cuts In Natural Gas From Russia

In an ideal world, our electricity system would run on 100 percent clean, renewable energy. Moving toward that goal means transitioning away from a system of centralized, fossil fuel power plants, to an intelligent, efficient, networked energy grid that smoothly integrates vastly increased amounts of renewables and energy-efficient solutions. To do that, we have to… Keep reading →

Energy & Environment Update – June 2015

Washington Landmarks Begin To Re-Open As Government Shutdown Ends

In This Issue:
– Energy and Climate
– Congress
– Administration

Connecting With Alaska’s People And Power Resources


During my eight months as the Deputy Secretary of Energy, I’ve made a point to get out into the field to learn firsthand about the communities our work touches, and hear from the people working in and affected by the dynamic American energy sector. Last week, Sen. Lisa Murkowski — a great partner of the… Keep reading →

In This Issue:
– Recent Settlement Under EPA’s Energy Extraction Initiative Provides Insight For Future Enforcement in the Oil and Gas Industry
– Tax Incentives Offer Hope for UK Oil and Gas Industry Affected by Low Oil Prices
– It’s Time to End the Crude Oil Export Ban

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