Climate Change And Global Pollution To Be Discussed At Copenhagen Summit

Last week, NRG Energy announced plans to reduce CO2 emissions 50% by 2030 and 90% by 2050. And this reduction is not from a 1990 or 2005 baseline; it is from 2014 emissions. NRG’s statement indicated that it had already reduced emissions by 40% since 2005. By my math, that means that the 2030 and 2050 reductions would be 70% and 94%, respectively, below 2005 emissions.

Congress Struggles With Funding Repairs To U.S. Capitol Dome

This is the third in a series of six Q&As with Baker Botts partners addressing the most significant developments in their practice areas this year, as well as their outlook for 2015. The Q&As will be posted throughout the remainder of the year.

Bill Bumpers is Head of the Global Climate Change practice group at Baker Botts. His practice focuses on the Clean Air Act and climate change issues.

2014 Midterm Elections: Implications For U.S. LNG Exports

As Default Deadline Nears, Congress Continues Debate Debt Ceiling Plan

Federal elections held nationwide on November 4 ushered in Republican control of the U.S. Senate and expanded the Republican majority in the U.S. House of Representatives. The Republicans now hold majorities in both houses of Congress, but because their majorities will not overcome a veto by President Barack Obama, a Democrat, Republicans will not wield unlimited legislative power. Although Congress is likely to remain deadlocked on major issues, the election may signal significant shifts in priorities for liquefied natural gas (LNG) export policies in the 114th Congress.

Coal Remains Main Source Of German Energy Supply

The PA Awards ceremony held last week at the New York Academy of Sciences brought together industry leaders and consultants to discuss and review emerging trends and challenges of the utility industry. The evening involved an Executive Forum, “How technology and regulatory change is driving a customer-centric transformation of the utility.” Panelists included Robert Schimmenti, Senior… Keep reading →

President Obama Speaks On Energy Efficiency At Mountain View Walmart

The U.S. has announced a $3B commitment to the Green Climate Fund – the largest single pledge to date. On November 15, 2014 – eve of the 2014 G-20 Summit in Australia – U.S. President Barack Obama announced that the U.S. will contribute $3B to the Green Climate Fund (GCF), the financial support mechanism aimed… Keep reading →

The EPA Proposes Stricter Standards For Smog Limit

A couple of data points to remember with EPA poised to propose new, lower ground-level ozone standards, perhaps as soon as next month: Air quality is and has been improving under the current, 75 parts per billion (ppb) standards, which are still being implemented across the country. EPA reports national average ozone levels have fallen… Keep reading →

Governor Cuomo Speaks On His State Of The State And Budget Message

On Tuesday, November 4, 2014, 59 percent of voters elected to ban the practice of hydraulic fracturing (“fracing”) in the city of Denton, which sits on top of the hydrocarbon-rich Barnett Shale. Although the ban does not prevent conventional drilling operations, the ban essentially forbids fracing, effectively expelling the drilling industry from city limits. Other municipalities sitting on top of the Barnett Shale—such as Fort Worth, Dallas and Arlington—have grappled with urban drilling as well, but Denton’s complete prohibition marks the first of its kind in Texas.

Early Voting Begins In Iowa For Presidential Election

Energy Wins The Hill (Jack Gerard): With zero precincts reporting, we can confidently project American energy is a landslide winner in the 2014 midterm elections. In many races, both Republican and Democratic candidates have gone out of their way this year to embrace pro-energy policies – to the point that it’s been almost impossible to tell… Keep reading →

Midterms Elections Held Across The U.S.

As our nation prepares to vote in the 2014 midterm elections, it’s important we identify which issues are most important to us and whether our candidate(s) of choice represent us well. Is energy policy an issue that resonates with you? Do you know where your candidates stand as you cast your ballot on November 4?… Keep reading →

China Celebrate The Lunar New Year Of The Horse

As the dust settles from the weeklong for the Chinese New Year, complete with fireworks, here are some of the top environmental issues to watch in the Year of the Horse. Provincial leadership Local governments combating rising rates of pollution and a dissatisfied populace are not waiting for Beijing to take action. Provinces are limiting… Keep reading →

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