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This is the latest installment in our Energy Startup Series that gives executives at cutting-edge energy firms an opportunity to share insights and experiences about the energy industry, their careers and their companies. Dip Patel is CEO and co-founder and Nick Lancaster is CTO and co-founder of Ecovent, a wireless temperature control system for the home. 1-… Keep reading →

#WomenInSTEM: Moms Who Inspire

Pamela Richmond DOE

Happy Mother’s Day! As our country celebrates the hard work and support of mothers, let’s give a round of applause to the moms at the Department of Energy who inspire their children to excel, innovate and pursue their interests. Check out these stories and advice from our Women @ Energy series to hear more. Dr.… Keep reading →


  The issue of hydraulic fracturing (or “fracking”) too often becomes a political dispute, which threatens to obscure a far more important matter for the energy industry as a whole: That fracking is a feat of engineering genius, an example of the working complexity of so many pumps, valves, meters, gears, gauges and systems; it… Keep reading →


 It’s not just doctors and scientists that need STEM education. America’s shifting economy is demanding more trained workers in many different sectors. See how Travis Brooks got the hands-on education he needed to become a technician at the Chevron Pascagoula Refinery. Visit The Atlantic to learn more.

Both Candidates In Nat'l House Race For Virginia Teach At Randolph-Macon College

Oil and gas companies are on the hunt for top talent like never before, as they work to fill positions left vacant from retiring workers. The industry is preparing for this turnover – dubbed “The Great Crew Change” – by scouring college campuses, launching elaborate advertising campaigns and even poaching skilled workers from one another.… Keep reading →

Hot Weather Puts California Power Grid On Alert

Jobs in the energy industry are expected to nearly double to 3 million by 2020. Yet, 72 percent of energy employers are having difficulty finding quality candidates to fill their positions, as they grapple with an aging workforce and a growing skills shortage. Legacy knowledge and understanding built up over years of utility experience resides… Keep reading →

(FILES) A file picture taken on August 8

It’s been said that one certainty regarding oil price forecasts is they will always be wrong. While there are certainly exceptions, the oil & gas industry’s history is littered with business cycle shifts that caught even the most seasoned analysts and executives flatfooted. Look at what’s happened with the US refining complex, LNG import projections… Keep reading →

Labor Market Shows Improvement In June Reports

We’ve been focusing a considerable amount of attention on the looming skills gap emerging in both the oil & gas and utility sectors that will result from experienced workers retiring in next few years. Often called the “great shift change” or “great crew change,” engineering-heavy companies are bracing for what some anticipate could be a… Keep reading →

Moorburg Power Plant Under Construction

The piece I wrote last week on doing more to protect the title of “engineer” drew a really heated response, so much so that I thought the matter merited a follow up post with some clarifications. Everyone in the oil & gas industry plays an important role To me, one of the best aspects of the oil… Keep reading →

Grangemouth Petrochemical Plant Saved From Closure

I’m on vacation this week, and so far I’m enjoying not doing anything much other than staring at the beautiful view out of my window, and taking long walks in the countryside. Once I touch down back in Houston, I’m back to work, and back to the process of studying for the Professional Engineer (PE)… Keep reading →

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