Environmental Activists Protest Outside Of Obama's Address To The Clinton Global Initiative

Well, that’s actually a hybrid quote from opposite ends of the fracking spectrum that came alive today when New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the state would move to ban hydraulic fracturing. “Today Governor Cuomo did the right thing for New Yorkers by listening to experts and issuing a ban on fracking. This victory for… Keep reading →

Jim Rogers CEO of @DukeEnergy – "I’m not going to put all my chips on any one #technology" re #natgas vs #nuclear #energy at #wsjeco petergardett

Even the Saudis think the current price of #oil is too high says Atlas Energy CEO Cohen at #ECOnomics #energy petergardett

Controversial estimates of potentially enormous new energy reserves highlighted by energy company strategists have sparked a wave of optimistic forecasts for fossil fuel development.

Natural gas from shale will soon cease to be considered “unconventional”, said vice-president and chief economist of industry group America’s Natural Gas Alliance (ANGA) Sara Banaszak. Keep reading →

The energy landscape has changed so fast in the last five years that the national debate has shifted fundamentally, leaving experts struggling to figure where energy is headed.

A few new trends are clear: growing pessimism over the future of nuclear power due to cost and public acceptance after Fukushima, renewables closing in on parity with traditional fuels but still needing technology breakthroughs to become significant players, and cheap natural gas from shales transforming the landscape for everything. But questions about where the transformation is headed has revealed divisions and confusion among a number of the speakers attending the Oct. 10-12 conference of the US Association for Energy Economists in Washington DC. Keep reading →

The @Aolenergy team is in place and getting ready for a full day at the US Assoc for #Energy #Economics summit #usaeedc @Aolenergy