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Since the New York Public Service Commission (Commission) opened its Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) proceeding in the spring to modernize the state’s electricity system, a lot has happened. Namely, New York utilities are already working to align themselves with the broad objectives outlined in the REV proceeding. Here is an overview of efforts by… Keep reading →

Electricity Bill Across The Country Rise On Record Fuel Costs

Approval of Con Edison’s BQDM Program is a significant step for the utility to pursue non-traditional infrastructure investments to meet local demand. On December 12, 2014, the New York State Public Service Commission (PSC) issued an order in Case 14-E-0302 approving Consolidated Edison Company of New York Inc.’s (Con Edison) Brooklyn/Queens Demand Management (BQDM) Program to address overload… Keep reading →

2011 US Open - Day 13

It would be logical to assume that we make decisions based on our needs, desires, and values regardless of how the choice is presented. For instance, we wouldn’t expect the choice to become an organ donor to depend on whether you must check a box to accept or decline donation. But we would be wrong:… Keep reading →

East Coast Begins To Clean Up And Assess Damage From Hurricane Sandy

Social media can be a fun way to keep up with friends, play games and kill time, but it can also be a source of real-time news and a platform used to disseminate critical information during emergencies. You’d be hard pressed to read an online news article or watch a news broadcast on television without… Keep reading →


A new demand-side program will be a training ground for future utility reforms in New York Consolidated Edison is taking a new approach to delivering reliable power that is as radical as the gentrification sweeping New York’s outer boroughs. Con Ed filed a proposal on Wednesday with the New York Public Utilities Commission for a… Keep reading →


A little over two years ago we reported that utility-scale energy storage could be “around the corner” thanks to flow-battery technology that relies on a rare earth mineral called vanadium. That vision leapt closer to reality last week. The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) announced it will partner with energy storage… Keep reading →

Hoboken Mayor Accuses NJ Gov Of Withholding Sandy Money

New York Energy Week is the innovative event series launched by Energy Solutions Forum and the New York Energy Week 2014 Opening Ceremony will break new ground this year by bringing together the State’s most influential energy regulatory decision makers to discuss how New York is charting a course toward a cleaner and more efficient energy system.… Keep reading →


  The New York State Public Service Commission (Commission) took a historic step late last week, unanimously approving an Order that requires Con Edison to implement state-of-the-art measures to plan for and protect its electric, gas, and steam systems from the effects of climate change. This announcement regarding the future of New York State’s largest utility comes… Keep reading →

Solar Power Tariff Incentive Spurns Boom In Gainsville Solar Industry

One thing about the smart grid sector: you can always count on seeing how technologies, services and products are progressing – and how and where they are being implemented. This week’s smart grid wins highlights some notable examples. PROJECT WINS Ambient Corporation announced that Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc. has contracted the communications… Keep reading →

East Coast Begins To Clean Up And Assess Damage From Hurricane Sandy

Post Hurricane Sandy, an influx of electricity workers from various parts of the country came to the New York/New Jersey area to help in the recovery process and to restore power in the region to nearly 10 million people left in the dark. Sandy caused massive flooding of power substations and corrosion of key electrical… Keep reading →

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