50,000 Descend Upon Rio De Janeiro For Rio+20 Earth Summit

The trouble with economic booms is that “crazy” is largely a matter of timing. For anyone who was paying attention in the 1980s, the idea that Brazil, with its runaway inflation problems, would emerge as a powerhouse driver of global economic growth while developed economies struggled in the mid to late 2000s would have seemed… Keep reading →

The World Economic Forum is getting ready for its high-profile conference in Davos, Switzerland this month and has kicked off preparations with a controversial but eye-catching ranking of global “energy architecture” on a country-by-country level.

After several years of focusing on the outcome of the financial crisis, the world leaders and business titans famous for gathering at Davos may now finally turn their focus to the energy sector, which continues to go through significant convulsions created by shifting fuel markets, renewable energy integration and complex policy debates. Keep reading →