Amid rising gasoline prices at filling stations across the US, energy prices are still too cheap to force dramatic changes in consumption, Shell’s chief executive said recently.

Peter Voser told Silicon Valley investors at a dinner held by the Churchill Club: “For certain things energy prices need to go up otherwise the behavior will not change. Keep reading →

Economic conditions have not favored cleantech companies intending to launch Initial Public Offerings on Nasdaq this year. But those that have gone public, and those registered but still waiting in the wings, point to uncertainties in the clean energy industry.

An Ernst & Young’s report, Global IPO Trends 2011, showed that there were 150 companies in the US that had filed S1 forms for their initial public offering this year, the highest level since 2007, which would raise around $40 billion. Small high-tech and energy companies were behind this trend, it said. Keep reading →

Market conditions and resource availability matter more for attracting investment from major oil companies in renewable energy than government incentive programs.

As major oil companies strengthen their renewable energy portfolios, many point to government incentives as critical to advancements in renewable energy and CO2 emissions-reduction. But local market conditions and resource availability, both of which are vital for long-term viability, are also vital for attracting a share of their capital budgets. Keep reading →