Britain's Prince Charles(6thR) walks in

In a win for the Obama administration and environmental groups, the Supreme Court on Monday upheld a 5-year-old federal program that pays large electric customers to save energy during times of peak demand. [ABC News] Exxon Mobil has claimed oil and gas will still dominate world energy by 2040, in a statement released today as… Keep reading →


Canadian startup Hydrostor says it can slash the cost of compressed air storage. A set of pipes running nearly two miles out into Lake Ontario are part of a novel project to help Toronto Hydro extend the life of its distribution equipment. The two-year pilot is not another tidal energy project — it’s the first… Keep reading →

Prime Minister Harper And Supporters Await Election Results

With polls now closed and the longest federal campaign in recent Canadian political history officially over, a Liberal government is the new reality for Canada.


The electoral victory of Justin Trudeau, the son of former Canadian Premier Pierre Trudeau, may have caused American energy leaders to sit up and take notice. Trudeau’s victory caps a resurgence for the left-wing New Democratic Party who have been out of power since 2006. Trudeau plans to initiate a series of clean energy reforms that… Keep reading →

Hillary Clinton Addresses Watermark Silicon Valley Conference For Women

At some point during the past seven years the Keystone XL pipeline ceased to exist only as an important project of energy infrastructure – one that could generate jobs, economic growth and strengthen U.S. energy security – and became a symbol for a narrow ideological agenda, a political football the White House has endlessly punted… Keep reading →


A recent report casts doubt on whether proposed federal legislation would actually accelerate decisions on the siting of cross-border energy infrastructure.

U.S. Military Makes Preparations

The agency tasked with giving approval for Shell’s deep-water drilling off Canada’s coastline includes a UK Tory-appointed official who worked for Shell for decades, it has emerged. [The Guardian] The European Union is working on a political agreement that would establish future energy deals in Iran, according to latest reports. [Bloomberg] The Coca-Cola Company is years… Keep reading →

Prime Minister Harper And Supporters Await Election Results

The Canadian government has spent several million dollars on a tar sands advocacy fund in its failed push to export oil, new documents have revealed. [The Guardian] CPS Energy CEO Doyle Beneby, who has pushed the San Antonio owned utility toward using cleaner energy sources, has announced his resignation. [San Antonio Express News] Chile mines… Keep reading →

US billionaire Warren Buffett arrives at

Warren Buffet came in for criticism after his company, Berkshire’s NV Energy, Nevada’s dominant utility opposed the proposal to increase a cap on the amount net metering for state citizens. “While the billionaire’s famed holding company has reaped tax credits from investing in wind farms and solar arrays, net metering is often seen by utilities… Keep reading →

BC tanker

British Columbia’s (BC) once high-flying liquefied natural gas (LNG) ambitions are taking yet another hit. The one-time goal of the Canadian province to have several LNG projects exporting gas to the Asia-Pacific market has already stalled amid plunging global oil and natural gas prices. Now, the Petronas–led C$36 billion (US$32 billion) Pacific Northwest LNG Project… Keep reading →

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