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Originally Posted on Along with other forms of so called “renewable energy,” I have come to hold a jaundiced view of biofuels, largely because of their inevitable competition with food supplies, as well as some concern about land use and the pressure placed on natural habitats, and finally, maybe most importantly, the long term sustainability… Keep reading →

San Francisco Mayor Lee Makes Green Taxi Announcement

Green History Without fanfare or an exact date, a collective automotive epiphany took place a decade ago. Nearly every major carmaker was in on it, except for Toyota. The Japanese manufacturer had its own environmental awakening 17 years ago when it introduced its first hybrid car. Toyota unveiled its gas-electric engine in Japan in 1997,… Keep reading →

Greenland:  A Laboratory For The Symptoms Of Global Warming

You can’t open a newspaper (or news website) these days without seeing an article about global warming. The discussion is generally shifting from whether or not climate change is occurring, to mitigation and adaptation strategies. Along with several popular climate change mitigation measures, this infographic features some creative ideas about how humans might slow atmospheric… Keep reading →


Proteins are critical to life; they’re the body’s essential cellular structures and machines. But they’re also tough for scientists to capture images of, especially those that could become potential targets for new medicines. However, capturing images of — and understanding — those proteins may become a bit easier thanks to a team of researchers led… Keep reading →

Price Of Oil Falls Declines During Trading, Gas Prices Creep Upwards

One of the biggest hurdles biofuels need to overcome is replicating the energy density of liquid transport fuels at lower cost. It’s been said that a scientist will never say something is impossible given unlimited funding. Unfortunately, the most brilliant theoretical energy innovations remain confined by economic realities. Breaking Energy recently covered the potential for… Keep reading →

New Rainbow Warrior III Arrives At Hamburg Port

People who agree that climate change is a dire problem often disagree about how to solve it. In recent months, once-private disagreements have ballooned into a public spat between pro-nuclear and anti-nuclear climate activists. Depending on whom you ask, nuclear power is either “essential” or “ill-suited” to efforts aimed at staving off climate disaster. Nuclear… Keep reading →

EPA Proposes Changes To Ethanol Mandate In Gasoline

We’ve written quite a bit about bad things that could occur because of the Renewable Fuel Standard’s (RFS) mandates for ever-increasing ethanol use in the fuel supply – from potential damage to vehicle engines and small power equipment engines to broader impacts in the economy.  A study by NERA Economic Consulting warned that RFS mandates could lead to fuel rationing and supply… Keep reading →


The Energy Department’s National Labs are leading the way in science and innovation by developing the next generation of clean energy technologies. To help drive this innovation, the scientists at the National Labs use some of the most cutting-edge facilities in the world — some of which are also available for use by other government agencies, private companies and… Keep reading →

Grangemouth Petrochemical Plant  Saved From Closure

As the US tight oil and gas boom continues, reliance on Canadian crude oil and gas softens. Robust US production also sparked a vibrant export discussion, which could eventually see Canadian and US companies competing for customers and market share. “The protracted controversy over the Keystone XL Pipeline project has focused a great deal of… Keep reading →

US Naval Operations Against Taliban

The US Defense Logistics Agency yesterday announced a slew of major contracts for the purchase of jet fuel. The contracts are valid through April 30th 2015 and the money will come from fiscal 2014 defense working capital funds. Fifteen different companies – ranging from the world’s largest international oil companies including supermajors ExxonMobil and Shell… Keep reading →

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