The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Canadian Tour - Day 3

A new report from Oxford University says that the most promising “Negative Emissions Technologies” (NETs) for removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere in the near term are also among the simplest: afforestation, soil carbon improvements and biochar. These are considered “No Regret” technologies because they offer co-benefits such as improved soil vitality, low cost, and… Keep reading →

Few innovations hold more promise than alternative fuels. The prospect of driving our cars on clean, renewable fuel has tremendous appeal. Yet few technologies have had more hype and disappointment than biofuels. And given all the fits and starts in the renewable fuel category it’s easy to be skeptical about the future of biofuel. Today, there is reason to renew hope. The breakthrough innovations we have all been waiting for to make clean, renewable fuel are finally becoming reality. Here is a look at five myths surrounding biofuels that can now be debunked based on new thinking and new technological advancements:

Myth #1: Producing biofuel takes valuable food out of the food supply and is inefficient use of farm land. Keep reading →