Alberta is Canada’s energy powerhouse, home to the country’s oil sands resources, significant natural gas reserves and over 10 active coal mines. As the country seeks to be a global energy power it needs the steward of its abundant resources to be viewed as one of the world’s best, and that responsibility now falls on… Keep reading →

A large excavator loads a truck with oil

A female Suncor Energy employee was attacked and killed by a black bear at the company’s oil sands production facility in Northern Alberta, Canada yesterday. “An extensive investigation is now underway at a Suncor worksite in northern Alberta after a large male black bear attacked and killed a female employee. At about 2 p.m. at… Keep reading →

UEFA EURO 2012 Final Draw Ceremony

Chevron has signed a $10 bin, 50-year agreement with the government of Ukraine to explore for and develop oil and gas in the Olesska field in the western part of the country. Chevron is expected to spend $350MM for exploration over two to three years. Ukraine has a strong interest in developing its domestic resources as a means of reducing… Keep reading →

Nordic Combined - Day 14

A new estimate of marketable resources in Canada’s Montney Shale spanning Alberta and British Columbia suggests that the play holds enough gas to meet the entire country’s 2012 demand for well over a century. “Total Canadian natural gas demand in 2012 was 88 billion m3 (3.1 Tcf), making the Montney gas resource equivalent to 145… Keep reading →

Oil Boom Shifts The Landscape Of Rural North Dakota

The results of Chevron’s initial exploration in the Kaybob area of the Duvernay play in Alberta, Canada show liquid yield from completed wells in the 30-70% range, with initial production rates of as much as 7.5 million cubic feet of natural gas and 1,300 barrels of condensate per day. [Chevron] China National Offshore Oil Corp… Keep reading →

Oil Boom Shifts The Landscape Of Rural North Dakota

By Brad Quick A handful of counties in North Dakota are churning out more oil and gas than the entire state of Alaska. Welcome to the Bakken, the jewel of The Rough Rider State. But a look beyond the drillers working the state’s Bakken field reveals many players who see another opportunity: building North Dakota’s infrastructure. In May,… Keep reading →

Visitors Enjoy The Wildlife At The Farne Islands

Jellyfish in the cooling water intake have forced the shutdown of Sweden’s largest nuclear reactor, which generates about 10% of the country’s electricity. As bizarre as this sounds, jellyfish have caused problems at power plants in several countries, including the US. [CNN] Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said that state-controlled energy company Petronas is going… Keep reading →

Trans-Alaska Pipeline

TransCanada’s proposed Energy East pipeline could provide Canada with an outlet for Alberta’s oil sands that sidesteps political opposition obstructing competing projects heading south and west. But with the shift in oil demand growth from the Atlantic Basin to the Pacific, moving oil east may be a second-best solution. TransCanada’s Keystone XL and Enbridge’s Northern… Keep reading →

Activists Against The Keystone Pipeline Project Demonstrate At The State Department

The ongoing controversy over the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline linking Alberta’s oil sands to US markets covers a vast amount of factual territory, from refinery configuration to logistics to international crude oil trading to carbon dioxide emissions. But at times, all of these issues take a back seat to the emotional, or symbolic, component of… Keep reading →

Russian Oil Stops Flowing To Western Europe Thru Belarus

The first visible chink in the oil and gas sector’s stance on the Keystone XL pipeline project’s inevitability turned up this week in that house journal of capitalism, the Wall Street Journal. In his provocatively titled article, “U.S. Refiners Don’t Care if Keystone Gets Built,” Ben Lefebvre lists the host of ways that the sector… Keep reading →

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