New Climate Report Names Current Decade As Warmest On Record

The leading U.S. wind energy industry group has to be creative when it comes to ringing alarm bells for a renewal of the Production Tax Credit. After all, it’s something they do every couple of years. Now, with the PTC already a year out of date and a presumably less renewables-friendly Congress waiting in the… Keep reading →

Red Bull Global Rallycross 2014

Former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson’s endorsement last week has put the carbon tax in the spotlight. But don’t be fooled: even with increased visibility and the wide endorsement of economists – and with a proposal or two floating around on Capitol Hill – turning U.S. energy policy in a cleaner, more climate-friendly direction continues to… Keep reading →

Wisconsin Lawmakers To Debate Bill That Would Cripple Wind Energy In State

Long known for its boom or bust tendencies, the U.S. wind energy industry outdid itself in 2013. Capacity additions fell off a cliff, dropping more than 90 percent from 2012 and hitting their lowest level in a decade – but by the end of the year, new projects were under construction at a record-breaking clip.… Keep reading →

HUSUM 2012 Wind Energy Trade Fair

A bipartisan coalition of 144 House and Senate members have written to the House Speaker and Senate Finance Committee urging extension of the wind energy production tax credit. On March 21, 2014, a group of 118 House members led by Reps. Steve King (R-IA) and Dave Loebsack (D-IA) wrote to House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH)… Keep reading →

Moon Appears Bigger And Brighter, As Its Closer To Earth Than Normal

Enbridge’s 110 MW Texas wind project will deliver electricity to the ERCOT market under a 20-year agreement with Microsoft Corporation. On January 6, 2014, Canada’s Enbridge Inc. announced an agreement with Renewable Energy Systems Americas Inc. (RES Americas) to construct the Keechi Wind Project, a 110 MW wind energy project in Texas, at a cost… Keep reading →

The American Wind Energy Association and Solar Energy Industries of America, the leading groups for the most important renewable energy industries in the country, were feeling pretty good in the wake of Tuesday’s elections.

Both groups issued press releases on Wednesday, with the AWEA putting its focus on the success of candidates who supported the production tax credit, which the organization now believes has a good chance of being extended before its Jan. 1, 2013, expiration, and the SEIA taking advantage of the opportunity to heap copious praise upon President Obama. Keep reading →

For renewable energy, the 2012 presidential race reveals the downside of being championed.

President Barack Obama channeled a historic amount of money into green energy in his first term and made it a centerpiece of his jobs platform. As a result, renewable energy is big target for those taking aim at Obama. Keep reading →

As the prospect of Congress extending wind energy’s primary incentive, the federal Production Tax Credit (PTC), has grown in recent weeks, so have both support and criticism.

Wind is an important aspect of utilities’ renewable portfolio standards and the Midwest Independent System Operator is committed to ensuring wind power is utilized efficiently and reliably. That is the message MISO President and CEO John R. Bear delivered to a recent American Wind Energy Association conference.

“MISO is committed to improving our ability to reliably manage all generation resources in order to continue providing the lowest-cost energy to our members and their customers. We look forward to working closely with state regulators to implement renewables as a significant aspect of our members’ renewable portfolio standard in an efficient and reliable manner,” said Bear. Keep reading →