Gas Prices Drop To Lowest Level In Nearly Four Years

US gasoline prices are at their lowest level since 2009 – $2.81 per gallon according to AAA – which could boost the number of holiday travelers and shoppers. “That could mean what is typically the busiest travel day of the year in the United States could get even busier — AAA estimated that 46.3 million… Keep reading →

Oregon Voters Go To The Polls

Ron Wyden, Democratic Senator from Oregon and Chairman of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, grilled oil market experts today on why US consumers are not benefiting from higher US oil production via lower gasoline prices at the pump. Those experts indicated that whether or not they are aware of it, US consumers… Keep reading →

The nationwide average for gasoline prices approached $3.74 a gallon Thursday, continuing a steady rise for the 23rd consecutive day, according to the motorist group AAA. The average price rose 0.7 cent a gallon in the latest 24-hour period, AAA said. A month ago, the nationwide average was $3.44 a gallon. Gas prices are up 14% so far in 2012. The average price is down 37.6 cents, or about 9.1%, from the record high of $4.11 on July 17, 2008. Average prices for regular gasoline top $4 a gallon in California, Alaska and Hawaii, with Hawaii’s price of just above $4.35 a gallon standing as the nation’s high. Prices are within a nickel of the $4 mark in New York and Connecticut, according to AAA.

Inflation picked up slightly last month, as rising gas prices took a bigger bite out of consumers’ wallets.The government’s key measure of inflation, the Consumer Price Index, showed prices rose 0.2% from December to January, slightly weaker than the 0.3% increase economists had predicted. Rising prices at the gas pump were a key factor, increasing 0.9% during the month, the Labor Department said. Improving U.S. economic data, including stronger job growth, and tension with Iran have been driving the price of oil and gasoline higher. Gas prices ended last month at a national average of $3.443 a gallon, according to the AAA Fuel Gauge Report.