2016 Election Cycle

Hillary Clinton Addresses Watermark Silicon Valley Conference For Women

In her first major break with President Obama, Hillary Clinton has stated she opposed drilling in the Alaskan Arctic because it is too dangerous. [The Washington Post] Billionaire climate philanthropist George Soros has invested more than $2m in struggling coal giants Peabody Energy and Arch Coal in recent months, despite having once called the fuel “lethal”… Keep reading →

Congress Reconvenes After Midterm Elections

Progressives and environmentalists are upping the pressure on the Obama administration to increase the fees that energy companies pay to extract fossil fuels from the federal lands. “The advocates and their Democratic allies in Congress say they’re out to ensure taxpayers get a fair return for the minerals the government owns, while better protecting the… Keep reading →

kaiser solar array

Saudi Arabia’s oil minister has made the shocking statement that the world’s biggest oil exporter could stop using fossil fuels as soon as 2040 and focus on developing solar and wind energy resources. “Ali Al-Naimi’s statement is striking as Saudi Arabia’s wealth and influence is entirely founded on its huge oil wealth and the nation… Keep reading →

President Obama Visits Largest Photovoltaic Plant In U.S. In Nevada

The American Action Forum, a center right think-tank, have revealed date showing that the Obama administration finalized 275 energy and environment regulations between 2009 and 2014, with the price tag of each regulation averaging $1.75 billion. “And that doesn’t even consider the paperwork companies will have to complete. AAF data shows that Obama’s energy regulations have… Keep reading →

Majority Support For A Carbon Tax?

California Adopts Sweeping Plan To Combat Greenhouse Gas Emissions

What are the politics of climate change? A new poll done by Stanford University and Resources for the Future suggests that the public may be more ready to regulate carbon than has previously been thought.

Largest Crude-By-Rail Unloading Terminal In The U.S.

The more the 50 percent crude oil price decline since July 2014 has impacted oil and gas industries throughout the supply chain and reignited energy policy debates at federal and state levels. Light, sweet oil has accounted for the majority of the domestic production increase over the last eight years, but since U.S. refiners are… Keep reading →