Small Modular Reactors, 3rd annual

Arlington, VA At Hilton Crystal City

Small modular reactors represent a whole new niche for the nuclear industry, similar to the way tablets filled a new space in the mobile device market. In fact, a recent Breaking Energy article dubbed the technology the “iPads of Nuclear Power,” after remarks made by Tennessee Valley Authority Chief Operating Officer William McCollum.

Supporters see SMRs addressing many of the challenges facing the larger 1,000-plus megawatt reactors. They are safer, cheaper, require less time and up-front investment to build, and over the longer term could play a role in nuclear nonproliferation and the advancement of spent fuel disposal technology.

The Platts Third Annual Small Modular Reactors conference will help attendees:

  • Understand the potential market in the US and internationally
  • Explore the practical challenges for licensing, design and construction
  • Compare design elements
  • Evaluate legal and regulatory issues for reactors on an international scale
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