NY REV Summit

New York, NY 10017 At One United Nations Plaza

The increasing competitiveness of renewable energy resources and changes in technology led Governor Cuomo to announce plans for a fundamental transformation in the way that electricity is distributed and used in New York State.

The Governor’s REV (Reforming the Energy Vision) Initiative tasks the New York Public Service Commission (NY PSC) to move the state’s energy sector towards a decentralized, market-based structure. By incorporating distributed generation, demand response, higher levels of renewable energy sources, and greater customer interaction through outreach and technology, REV aims to lower energy costs and create a cleaner, more efficient, and more reliable electric grid.

Infocast’s NY REV Summit will discuss the REV initiative and its impact not only on the energy industry in New York, but also as one of the first large-scale initiatives building the utility of the future. The NY REV Summit will examine the development of “distributed system platforms” (DSPs) and the role of utilities going forward. It will explore the promise vs. the practical development reality of microgrids and the emerging opportunities for third parties to provide grid services.

The roster of distinguished speakers will also confront the prominent elements, trajectories and consequences of many important regulatory, market and technology forces.

Finally, the NY REV Summit will bring together national and state-level regulators, power industry leaders, commercial energy managers, DG, energy storage and grid modernization technology vendors to discuss the path forward to a next-generation distributed energy system. They will evaluate the various state efforts to finance and encourage clean energy markets sufficient to ensure a robust, sustainable power delivery system.

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