GOVERNING Summit on Sustainability – 2012

Santa Monica, CA At Annenberg Community House

Installing solar panels on the roof of a government building could save on electricity costs, but implementing a city-wide solar program with panels on all government buildings could save much more. At the federal, state or local level, policy makers need to collaborate in order maximize the effectiveness of sustainability initiatives.

That is what the GOVERNING Summit on Sustainability – 2012 is all about. Public sector leaders can connect, network and brainstorm about the best ways to implement regional sustainability measures. A post-event summary planning guide capturing the summit’s conversations will be distributed through GOVERNING’S national network.

The agenda will address policy, governance and management through moderated discussions about:
• Economic development
• Energy (efficiencies, smart grids, smart water, and smart buildings)
• Finance models
• Infrastructure
• Transportation
• Partnerships
• Leadership and Policy

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