Defense Renewable Energy and Military Microgrids

Arlington, VA At Key Bridge Marriott

The military has a long history of functioning as a technology petri dish, where nascent concepts are proven and then go on to mainstream success in the private marketplace. The “next big thing” in renewable energy could very well be featured, discussed or hatched at the Defense Renewable Energy and Military Microgrids gathering.

The United States’ largest single energy user – the Defense Department – has set an ambitious target of sourcing 25% of its power from renewables by 2025.

This represents a huge opportunity for private sector companies operating in the renewable energy space. But only those who can successfully navigate the complex procurement process have their bids selected.

The conference features some of the biggest names in the renewable energy and finance sectors, along with major defense contractors and influential military representatives. Here are some of the main topics and issues on the agenda:

  • DoD Decision-Makers Seeking PPAs with Private Renewable Projects on Military Property
  • Defense Contractors and System Integrators Seeking Joint Ventures
  • Leading Financiers and Lenders Looking to Finance Projects
  • Case Studies in DoD Public-Private Renewable Energy Projects
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