Could North America Become World’s Leading LNG Exporter?

Houston, TX

Can North America become bigger than Qatar as the World’s leading LNG exporter?

Cheniere’s latest SpA with KOGAS has once again launched North America into the headlines. Jean Abiteboul, President, Cheniere Supply & Marketing, will be giving a keynote presentation at the LNG Export Forum North America in Houston on the 16 – 18 May 2012, and will also give updates on the Sabine Pass – the launch of the first US LNG export terminal.

The Forum will highlight:

  • How Cheniere spotted an opportunity to export LNG and a review of its partnerships with GAIL, BG Group, KOGAS, and Gas Natural Fenosa
  • Exploring how the Kitimat LNG project stands out in terms of access to markets and economic benefits
  • An inside view on the Department Of Energy’s conclusions for granting further export licenses
  • Gaining first-hand information on export strategies from Oman LNG and how it intends to maintain market share
  • Hear Statoil’s forecast on the future status for LNG export in North America – is this a long term business or a short term trend?

Also, Janine McArdle, from Apache Corporation and Kitmat will give a keynote address on Building a Roadmap for Successful LNG Export; while Edward Scott from Excelerate Energy will be exploring a different approach to LNG; Nitin Shukla from Hazira LNG and Port and Dr. A.K Balyan from, Petronet India, will both present in the Buyer Perspective Panel – Standing Out from the Crowd: What Asian and European Buyers Will Look for When Considering Import from North America and Kathleen Eisbrenner, Next Decade and Chesapeake Energy will be Forecasting the Future of LNG Export from North America

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