2nd Annual Hydro Plant Maintenance & Reliability Conference

Seattle, WA At Seattle, WA

The hydro industry has generally attracted the least attention of all energy types, and yet it remains one of the most vital and – increasingly – one of the most popular new forms of generation in fast-growing regions like Latin American.

Hydro is reliable both in terms of power generation and in returns it can provide investors, which has made it popular for banks seeking investments in renewable generation but increasingly shy of unpredictable outcomes from solar and wind projects.

Hydro is not often associated with innovation, although that is changing as micro-hydro, wave and tidal technology, and hydro upgrades have become more popular. Leaders in maintenance and reliability are taking leadership roles in setting the agenda for hydroelectric facilities planning to operate well beyond their original permitted lives, and their input at this meeting could help set the pace for improvements as well as the generation’s resulting popularity with both the general public and within the energy business.

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