The Solyndra bankruptcy may have cast a shadow on the US solar sector, but many in the industry are releasing their own optimistic outlooks, hoping the dark forecasts will blow over just as swiftly as they appeared.

Q.Cells North America recently released a white paper that uses mathematical modeling to prove that the US solar industry is at a “tipping point” and could become profitable if it successfully rides over its current financial hump to market maturity.

“When it comes to PV energy, the US is an emerging giant,” the white paper says. It outlines detailed instructions to American solar photovoltaic (PV) companies on how to package and sell utility scale solar installations with a focus on predictability a major factor in success. Download the full report at the top right of this post.

The global solar PV market could be entering an interesting time in its development: grid parity. Q.Cells North America CEO Marc van Gerven told Breaking Energy that in Germany, solar panels are already cost-competitive with other types of electrical generation.

But at the end of the day, Gerven said, “for a residential homeowner or for the large investor, its all about predictable energy yield.” He said Q.Cells North American is trying to close the knowledge gap that exists in the United States and help bring the industry to the same maturity it has reached in Germany.

“The US is still in catch-up mode,” he said, in terms of knowledge, government incentives and actual megawatts installed.

“It’s also clear that not every technology is going to make it,” he said. He noted that only the best solar modules will make it over the current hump and succeed in the mature market that lies ahead.