Federal agencies bid to take the lead on power markets policy questions dominated for much of the past decade by states utility commission and regional transmission organizations with this document.

The Department of Energy (DOE) and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), one a political agency and the other a bipartisan commission, have joined forces to present Congress with a road map on issues at the core of the evolving and transforming market for electricity in the US.

Over the last few months, demand response companies have been feuding with grid operators about fair forecasting and pricing mechanisms. Demand response companies, like EnerNOC have claimed that minute-by-minute pricing should determine how much credit a consumer earns for choosing to reduce consumption, while grid operators, like PJM, have claimed that accurate price projections must be determined from the previous year’s electricity demand on the corresponding day and time.

Released this Tuesday, Implementation Proposal For The National Action Plan on Demand Response, is a report to Congress that outlines a proposal for federal regulation of demand response. It acknowledges that, with all the various players in the issue, including private sector groups, grid operators and state regulators, the DOE and FERC have limited jurisdiction.

This implementation proposal identifies areas where FERC staff and DOE can leverage existing initiatives related to demand response to implement the National Action Plan. At the same time, it recognizes and encourages non-federal government entities to become involved in implementing the National Action Plan through participation in a coalition, or any private or non-federal governmental organizations.

The proposed initiatives:

Technical Assistance to States
Establish a National Forum
Conduct Informational and Educational Sessions for Policymakers and Regulators
Sponsor Technical Papers
Technical Assistance to States for Demand Response
Build a Panel of Demand Response Experts
Establish a Demand Response Grant Program

National Communications Programs
Develop a Communications Umbrella
Local Implementation
Direct Outreach to States, Policymakers, and Partners

Tools and Materials
Develop a Web-Based Clearinghouse of Demand Response Materials
Develop or Enhance Demand Response Estimation Tools and Methods