How much time do you spend on computers?

Multiply that by the billions of other people on the planet and the volumes of data are mindblowing, no matter how fast or powerful your server. As more industries store their data in the cloud, as more industries – including utilities – leverage the power of two-way mobile technology to gather and process ever-growing streams of data, the pressure on energy-intensive data center operations can be intense.

Groups as high-profile as Google and the US government have made data center efficiency efforts a priority (as has AOL), and the business of boosting data center efficiency and integrating renewable energy with data centers continues to be at the forefront of innovation in the overlap between energy and information technology.

This report from is a guide for those needing to “quickly make sense of the many available data center energy efficiency, renewable energy and carbon offset investment options. The report is available via the link with this post.

The authors bring wide-ranging experience in energy markets and sustainability analysis. Patrick Costello is an Associate at ICF International where he works in the environmental analysis group and Roshni Rathi is an analyst in the energy, natural resources and utilities group at Wipro Technologies.

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