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If you think it’s hard trying to get a loan from a bank or selling real estate in this economy, try “selling” money. Well, not actually selling money but giving generous rebates and incentives for energy efficiency projects. The sales process is not any easier even when the “product” is cash-back, moolah, money! In these tough economic times, businesses from all levels have pulled back and have become extremely guarded with how they spend their dollars. Accordingly, based on various energy efficiency polls, although public sentiments are aligned with the idea of energy conservation to reduce carbon emissions and to help the environment, many businesses do not plan to implement energy efficiency upgrades because they can’t afford it.

When the purse strings are tightened, how can the message get across that investing in energy efficiency today only benefits participants in the long haul? “People naturally think there is a catch but the catch is…there is no catch. Owners and managers of large office buildings, medium size retail outlets or any other commercial and industrial facilities interested in improving operations, reducing maintenance costs, lowering energy bills and procuring a more sustainable future, can greatly benefit from an energy efficiency rebate program” said David Pospisil, program manager for the Con Edison Commercial & Industrial Energy Efficiency Program. Keep reading →