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This week, ExxonMobil and Chevron released quarterly results from Q1 2017. Both released numbers that topped consensus estimates. Some analysts have suggested the Exxon’s numbers can provide insight into the energy sector, as follows. As the world’s largest publically traded oil and gas company, ExxonMobil can say a lot about the oil economy as a… Keep reading →

As of last week, over 1,000 businesses and organizations signed a letter that urges the United States Congress to defend and strengthen the Energy Star program. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency runs the Energy Star labeling initiative, which awards the Energy Star label to efficient appliances. The Energy Star initiative was originally started under President… Keep reading →

New York State is ready to jump-start energy storage and renewable resource projects to modernize their energy grid.  To do so, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) is offering project managers the chance to receive funding from a fund worth $15.5 million.  This money is just one part of a larger, Clean… Keep reading →

Africa’s first utility-scale battery storage installation has been agreed upon this week thanks to the U.S. Trade and Development Agency and Obama’s Power Africa Initiative.   $1.1 million were set aside for an upcoming solar energy storage facility in Kenya.  The funds are being allocated to Xago Africa, a company known for the development of… Keep reading →

California continues to pave the way for unique legislation concerning energy infrastructure. A new bill that has already partially passed in the State Senate will authorize rebates for the installation of energy storage systems. The Senate’s energy and utilities committee voted 7-2 in favor of the bill, with two abstentions. Now the full Senate will… Keep reading →

Last week was a tumultuous week for traders in oil markets as lingering doubts over the effectiveness that a production cut led by the nations of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) was achieving the desired result of reducing global oil supply. The market has been saturated for over two years and some producers… Keep reading →

This week Australia’s government unveiled a proposed plan to limit the export of liquefied natural gas due to domestic price increases brought about by local shortages. This proposal was the result of two meetings between Australian Prime Minster Malcolm Turnbull, producers and the Australian Energy Market Operator discussing natural gas shortages. The plan known as… Keep reading →

Early this year, Toshiba made the strategic decision to divest from its Westinghouse nuclear power generator in America. Now, the Chinese company has decided that splitting into subsidiaries is the only way to protect its other businesses. The four subsidiaries will be (1) infrastructure (including water treatment and railways); (2) energy (including thermal and nuclear… Keep reading →

Axiom Energy started in its founder’s Amrit Robbins garage in 2014. Today, the firm has contracts with Whole Foods. The “refrigeration battery” system that the firm boasts is what has made it so attractive. The technology makes use of pre-existing refrigerators that the clients would already own to implement long-scale thermal energy storage solutions. The… Keep reading →

This month, world leaders will converge in Bonn, Germany for the Bonn Climate Change Conference, just a few weeks after millions of people around the world participated in Earth Day activities, planting trees, cleaning up public parks, and mobilizing for stronger environmental protections. The timing is fitting, for what started out in 1970 as a… Keep reading →

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