Top Recent Energy Industry Stories: 1/24/2023

Here’s what Breaking Energy staff are reading at other outlets.

on January 26, 2023 at 9:46 AM
  • Ohio has legally redefined natural gas as a source of green energy thanks to the influence of “dark money” groups on state politicians, according to The Washington Post
  • Missed out on following the energy conversation at Davos this week? Leaders in solar, wind and hydro got cozy with their oil and gas counterparts, Reuters reports.
  • Despite a novel effort to leave the nation’s oil reserves in the ground to avoid damaging fragile rainforest ecosystems, Ecuador has increased drilling for its oil reserves in an effort to deal with the country’s debts, according to The New York Times
  • As Europe continues to adjust to high gas prices and new pushes to cut emissions, the continent’s energy industry is exploring the potential of high-temperature, high-efficiency heat pumps, according to Yale Environment 360.
  • Inside Climate News reports that renewables will produce more than a quarter of the energy generated by the United States in 2024.