President Trump Releases FY 2019 Budget Request

on February 26, 2018 at 10:00 AM

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Last week, President Donald J. Trump unveiled his FY 2019 budget request, including $30.6 billion to support the Department of Energy (DOE). This year’s DOE budget request advances U.S. national security and economic growth by making investments in transformative science and technology innovation to promote affordable and reliable energy. It also includes significant funding to meet our national security and environmental cleanup challenges.

“The President’s budget request supports the Department’s efforts to enhance today’s energy security while also making strategic investments for tomorrow,” said Secretary Perry. “This proposal will empower DOE to achieve our missions efficiently and effectively while being respectful to the American taxpayer. In order to fulfill the President’s long-term goal of energy dominance we are prioritizing the acceleration of transformative early-stage research and development, relying on our world-class National Labs. This will advance everything from new clean energy technologies to Supercomputing. The budget also bolsters DOE’s national security responsibilities in Nuclear Security and Cybersecurity by calling for increased funding to modernize our nuclear security enterprise and strengthen the cybersecurity of our energy infrastructure. These two areas are critical to America’s long-term national security.”

Budget Highlights:

  • Ensures the safety and effectiveness of our nuclear arsenal; and begins the long-term process of modernizing our nuclear security enterprise.
  • Protects our energy infrastructure from cyberattacks and other threats.
  • Promotes America’s “all of the above” energy strategy and fulfills the President’s long-

    term goal of American energy dominance.

  • Advances our efforts to develop exascale computing systems.
  • Spurs scientific discovery, innovation, and commercialization.
  • Addresses the obligation to clean up the environmental legacy of the Cold War.

For more information on the FY2019 Budget Request CLICK HERE.