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on July 22, 2016 at 9:20 AM

Texas Oil Companies Work To Adapt To Falling Oil Prices

Because of vast energy reserves and the advanced technologies and expertise to safely develop them, the United States’ energy future looks promising and secure. America continues to lead the world in oil and natural gas production, which is critically important for a future in which both are projected to remain the leading fuels supporting our economy and modern way of living. Energy security, in increasing measure, is in our hands … if.

If we make the right energy policy choices, and if we select leaders who will advance those policies. If we safely harness America’s energy wealth, if we foster the private investment and innovation that launched the ongoing energy revolution – if we do all these things, there’s no reason the United States can’t benefit from secure energy far into the future.

In this election year we should identify visionary leaders on energy issues – those who see and grasp the historic opportunity provided by surging domestic oil and gas production and also the actions needed to keep that production going. In that sense, energy can be a 2016 vote-decider. API President and CEO Jack Gerard at Politico’s Energy and the Election event at the Republican Convention in Cleveland:

“Over the past five, six or seven years the United States has really now become the … superpower of energy in the world, bar none. It’s really an exceptional opportunity for us, while at the same time our carbon emissions have now been reduced to a 20-year low. … So it’s fascinating what’s taking place today, driven primarily by free-market conditions, by technologies that have been developed by our industry. … We expect that energy will be an important issue in this election as it has been many times in the past, and … the future of our nation’s energy policy will dictate if we’re able to maintain that role or that momentum, if you will, as the world’s energy superpower.”


America’s energy narrative has been fundamentally changed, from one of scarcity and national limitations to abundance and opportunity for our nation and individual Americans. Sustaining and growing our energy revolution begins by understanding that private innovation and investment, in partnership with governments at all levels, gave birth to modern hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling, which have allowed our country to harness stores of shale energy.  Securing abundant, affordable and available energy in an environmentally responsible way is an energy policy the American people support, according to recent polling:


Such a policy should be built on using the model that brought forth the U.S. energy revolution. From API’s energy issues blueprint that was forwarded to both parties’ platform committees:

The shale resurgence has been a uniquely American story for many reasons, including American engineering and ingenuity, production and transportation infrastructure, private mineral ownership, sanctity of contracts, and regulatory and legal certainty in the areas where we have seen increased domestic production of oil and gas resources. It is truly the free market model at work, driving innovation in ways that were unforeseen but not all that surprising given the ability of the U.S. worker.

This means access to U.S. energy reserves, onshore and offshore. It means creating an environment where private investors and innovators can develop the technologies and methodologies to safely develop more energy. It means government refraining from impeding energy development with unnecessary regulation and red tape. This will help encourage innovation and investment, allowing free markets to keep working. The platform document:

The U.S. oil and natural gas industry is a case study for how we can grow our economy, create jobs and protect the environment through market-driven innovation. The industry has been a leader in advancing innovative technologies both for production and emissions reductions and stands as a willing partner with the government in the development of industry standards and best practices – using this as an effective means to meet the mutually shared objective of safe and responsible operations that protect our air, water, workers, and communities.

Ultimately, policy hinges on those who craft and execute it. The American energy revolution is a fact – increasing our country’s self-sufficiency, security and standing in the world while helping the U.S. lead the world in reducing carbon emissions. America is winning on energy, economics and climate. It’s up to voters to choose leaders who will embrace it.

By Mark Green 

Originally posted July 20, 2016

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