Buckle Up For The #LabsRoadShow

on July 01, 2015 at 5:00 PM


With the Fourth of July right around the corner, what’s more American than taking a road trip?

Join us as we embark on the National Labs Road Show, a virtual journey to meet the people, places and extraordinary science of the Department of Energy’s National Laboratories. The Road Show is happening here on Energy.gov, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook — so there’s no need to worry about bathroom breaks or fighting over the middle seat.

Our first stop — “Meet the National Labs” — will introduce you to the system of 17 labs that work in concert to advance scientific discovery, develop clean energy technologies and ensure nuclear security. You’ll meet meet scientists who have discovered new elements and won Nobel prizes. And you’ll see the world’s most powerful lasers, fastest supercomputers and brightest X-rays.

The National Labs perform science in the public interest, from understanding the origins of the universe to modeling the Earth’s climate. This science belongs to every American. So buckle up for an exciting ride to explore some of our nation’s most valuable national treasures.

Highway photo courtesy of Shutterstock