gamesa wind

Gamesa is one of the companies taking advantage of Uruguay’s big wind push. Photo from Gamesa.

We’ve heard a lot about wind power in Brazil, but there’s another South American country swooping in to take the leadership role with this renewable energy resource: Uruguay.

According to Bloomberg, a $2.6 billion wind power spending spree is set to transform Brazil’s neighbor to the south into a veritable Denmark of wind, tripling the country’s use of turbines and pushing the percentage of power generated from wind from 13 percent now to 38 percent within just two short years.

“When someone calculates the percentage of wind power in our energy matrix, we’ll surely rank among the leaders in the world.” – Gonzalo Casaravilla, chairman of the state-owned electric utility UTE, in a Bloomberg News story

Denmark gets more than 30 percent of its electricity from wind, but Uruguay might be chasing a moving target: The Danes are aiming to drive that figure to 50 percent by 2020.