Obama And Biden Meet With Governors On Energy Policy

The White House on Tuesday released a four-year energy plan with a detailed outline of how they plan to curb climate change and modernize power plants while maintaining a steady supply of safe energy. “Vice President Joe Biden is planning to visit Peco Energy Co. in Philadelphia on Tuesday afternoon to discuss the administration’s Quadrennial Energy Review.

The report said the U.S. has become the world’s leading producer of oil and natural gas combined as its dependence on foreign oil declines. The review also found that electricity from solar sources has increased 20-fold since 2008, while the amount of wind energy produced has tripled. Administration officials have been meeting with major utility firms, experts and other stakeholders to assess the nation’s energy situation and analyze future needs.” [Miami Herald]

Tomorrow, Wales could become the first country in the world to put their substantial fossil fuel reserves beyond use. “It’s a moment of global and intergenerational significance, because Wales was the source of much of the coal that fuelled the industrial revolution. Fossil fuels have huge political and psychological significance in Wales.

At a time when the world is crying out for leadership, this is something within the gift of assembly members. In decades and centuries to come, when their children and grandchildren, and their grandchildren, are living in a world changed by climate change, they will owe these legislators a debt of gratitude. Their stance will mean that the world they inherit is so much better than it might have been. It could begin a worldwide movement of countries embracing a new, clean future free of the shackles of fossil fuels.” [The Guardian]

The Detroit Zoo has unveiled plans to turn a major byproduct of its animal inhabitants into renewable energy. “The Detroit Zoological Society and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation launched a crowd-funding campaign on Monday to build an energy-producing biodigester at the zoo.

The biodigester will turn 400 tons of animal manure generated annually at the Detroit Zoo, as well as other organic waste, into a methane-rich gas, officials said in a press release.

The biogas will then be used to help power the Ruth Roby Glancy Animal Health Complex, and is expected to save the zoo around $70,000 to $80,000 a year in energy costs.” [ABC News]