President Obama Visits Largest Photovoltaic Plant In U.S. In Nevada

President Obama visited Jamaica on Thursday, meeting with Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller and more than a dozen other leaders from throughout the Caribbean to discuss the region’s energy future. “Topping Thursday’s agenda is a looming energy crunch in the Caribbean, and a chance for the U.S. to seize the initiative there from leftist leaders in Venezuela.

Unlike the United States, which is suddenly awash in cheap oil and natural gas, countries like Jamaica and the Dominican Republic are heavily dependent on imported oil, not only to run their cars but also to keep the lights on.” [NPR]

The Canadian government’s goal of becoming an  energy superpower lies at risk because of infrastructure gaps preventing oil and gas companies, says a top executive at Bank Nova Scotia. “Scotiabank Chief Executive Brian Porter, in remarks prepared for the bank’s annual meeting in Ottawa, cautioned that stalled energy-infrastructure projects, such as pipelines, coupled with Canada’s overreliance on the United States as an export market, will have significant consequences for the country’s economy.” [WSJ]

U.S. stocks were up by the close of Thursday, following gains for energy companies as the price of oil stabilized after a drop the day before. “Oil rose as negotiations with Iran over its nuclear program hit a snag. That could mean Iranian oil will continue to be held back from the international market by sanctions.

Investors were also assessing some mixed news on company earnings.” [US News]