California Continues To Lead U.S. In Green Technology

The Wind Industry is set to take off over the next 30 years and could become one of the nation’s dominant power sources, the Obama administration stated yesterday.”The Energy Department projects that by 2050 wind power could provide 35 percent of U.S. electricity — a dramatic jump from today’s energy landscape, in which wind provides less than 5 percent of power generation.

With the administration admittedly aiming to lessen the role of fossil fuels, particularly coal, wind power increasingly is viewed as perhaps the most viable alternative.” [Washington Times]

Secretary of State John Kerry on Thursday delivered a forceful call to confront global warming ahead of the U.N. Summit in Paris in 9 months. “Climate change ranks alongside terrorism, disease epidemics and poverty as a challenge that respects no borders and threatens the future of nations and the planet,” Kerry declared in a speech at the Atlantic Council.

“No single country, not even the United States, can solve this problem or foot this bill alone,” Kerry said. “When I say ‘global solution,’ I mean it – anything less won’t work.” [US News]

New Delhi city officials meager efforts to warn residents about unhealthy spikes in air pollution levels in  may soon end, after a decision to first send the data to be authenticated by the central government. “Some experts and activists immediately questioned the need for such checks, accusing the government of trying to hide — or worse, alter — data that shows Delhi’s air to be the world’s most toxic at a time when Prime Minister Narendra Modi is pushing for greater industrialization.

Recent high readings, which consistently exceed Beijing’s pollution readings, have alarmed the city’s Indian elites and expatriate community.” [NY Times]