Domestic Oil And Gas Production

Recovery from the dramatic supply-driven oil price slide of 1986 took 5 years. Will the current cycle follow the same pattern? This piece plays a bit of Monday morning quarterback and suggests that if Saudi/Opec did more to moderate prices over the past 6 years the current supply glut could have been avoided. [Bloomberg via Financial Post]

The results of a study published in the peer-reviewed journal Environmental Science & Technology identified the presence of ammonium and iodide in drilling wastewater from both conventional and unconventional oil & gas wells. The researchers said that although the contaminants are naturally occurring, their identification is problematic due to the extreme volumetric increase in drilling wastewater associated with the US oil & gas production boom. [Think Progress]

SunEdison announced it will build India’s largest solar PV panel manufacturing facility in Gujarat. “The proposed plant will require an estimated investment of $4 billion and will be India’s largest solar PV module manufacturing unit. The project is expected to be completed over the next three years. SunEdison and Adani Enterprises announced the landmark deal at the Vibrant Gujarat global investors summit.” [CleanTechnica]