Senate Republicans Mark Anniversary Of Plan For Keystone XL Pipeline

The Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus is bullish on Keystone XL pipeline approval with a republican-controlled senate. “We will pass a budget in both chambers, number one, and we will pass the Keystone pipeline, number two,” Priebus said. “And I actually think the president will sign the bill on the Keystone pipeline because I think the pressure — he’s going to be boxed in on that, and I think it’s going to happen.” [Fuel Fix]

James Inhofe Republican Senator from Oklahoma does not hold the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in very high regard. “It comes as no surprise that the IPCC is again advocating for the implementation of extreme climate change regulations that will cripple the global economy and send energy prices skyrocketing,” Inhofe said. “At a time of economic instability and increased threats to American interests, the IPCC’s report is little more than high hopes from the environmental left.” [The Hill]

Bill McKibben is pressing the Church of England to divest fossil fuel holdings. In wide-ranging comments, he lashes out at Canada and Australia, calling them the biggest rogue nations on the planet due to their climate policies. “I have no doubt eventually they’ll do the right thing, I have no doubt eventually everyone will do the right thing. The problem is we don’t have eventually with which to work,” added McKibben, who has become the figurehead for an international movement that has seen divestments by churches, universities, businesses, individuals and local government valued at over $50bn.” [The Guardian]