Central Utah Anchors State's Coal Mining Industry

If addressing climate change is as urgent as most evidence suggests then carbon capture and storage needs to be part of the solution. This is the thrust of a new book on the subject and a new animation helps depict global climate change in a manner that most people can grasp. “With an eye on the UN Climate Summit and then the opportunities in the lead-up to COP21 in Paris, the World has given it a try. The media they have used is video, working with an exciting graphics company called Carbon Visuals. The challenge was to help the audience understand why CCS is important in just a few minutes, not just by being told so, but by being convinced.” [Energy Collective]

In an interesting move, Russian state-controlled Gazprom is reportedly investing $1 billion to drill for shale gas in Argentina. The Russian gas industry has long seen overseas shale gas development as a potential threat to their business, but also appears to recognize a need to develop domestic shale resources. The move into Argentina could be the result of recent policy changes designed to attract much needed foreign investment. But with Chevron, Shell and ExxonMobil also active in Argentina, Gazprom could be looking for technical expertise that became more difficult to obtain inside Russia when western-imposed sanctions recently forced major oil companies and service providers to exit the market. [Reuters via Rigzone]

New vehicles sold in the US reached an all-time fuel economy high last year. “Our report shows that today’s vehicles are saving Americans money at the pump while emitting fewer greenhouse gasses. We are thrilled to see that manufacturers continue to innovate and are bringing technologies to improve fuel economy online even faster than anticipated,” McCarthy added. [The Hill]