A liquified natural gas (LNG) tanker sit

Some of the world’s largest LNG purchasers by volume are beginning to cooperate in an effort to increase bargaining power and secure lower prices. “Korea Gas and Tokyo Gas plan to deepen a partnership they started in 1990 on exchanging information and technology to possibly include joint investments in gas developments, along with purchases of LNG and optimising shipping resources and inventories, the Japanese company said in a statement.” [Reuters]

Harold Hamm, Continental Resources’ Chairman and CEO – and former energy adviser to Mitt Romney – is allegedly downplaying his role in the company’s success as part of his divorce settlement strategy. The settlement could be one of the largest in US history. “According to state law, if Hamm can show that market conditions – rather than his management prowess – led to Continental’s financial success, he will not have to share those gains with his estranged wife, Sue Ann. The two never signed a prenuptial agreement.” [Reuters via Upstream]

Ukrainian leadership is putting incentives in place to encourage customers to switch out gas-fired boilers in favor of electric heat or other alternatives in a bid to cut demand for Russian gas. Natural gas price increases also appear to be part of the strategy. “’The Government has allocated UAH 500 million on it from the budget, including UAH 50 million for credit compensation, and thus multiplied additionally up to UAH 200 million funds aimed at replacing gas boilers’, Ostap Semerak said as reported by the website of Ukraine’s government.” [Natural Gas Europe]