moniz AEMC Summit 2014

2014 AEMC Summit – credit Breaking Energy

Speaking this morning at the American Energy and Manufacturing Competiveness Summit in Washington DC, US Department of Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz extolled the numerous benefits precipitating from the country’s newfound energy wealth. One of the main messages he drove home to the audience is that increasing energy production along with energy efficiency growth are positively impacting the economy, job market and environment.

“We are clearly in a time of significant progress on both the energy efficiency and the energy supply side in the United States…,” Moniz said. He went on to describe how the country rapidly shifted from a position of energy scarcity to one of abundance – especially with regard to oil and gas production – but also with renewable energy growth.

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“And all this good news on the supply side is being complimented by efficiency,” he said. Decreased vehicular fuel consumption and increases in manufacturing production efficiency have helped slash energy imports.

But continually advancing technology will be a critical component in keeping this momentum going, Moniz explained. He cited the example of the world’s first 3D-printed car that was recently manufactured in just 44 hours. The car will be demonstrated at the AEMC Summit later today.

Advances in manufacturing technology – a major DOE focus – have also taken 700 pounds out of the 2015 Ford F-150 pickup truck. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory researchers worked with GM, Alcoa and metal sheet provider TWB on the breakthrough that uses a technology called friction stir welding, which employs low temperatures to join aluminum and other metals.

These kinds of manufacturing advances will help DOE meet its goal of doubling US energy productivity from 2010 levels by 2030. And public/private partnerships are a cornerstone of that objective. “We have to deliver scientific advances to the marketplace,” said Moniz.

“We are looking for multiple pathways to work with the private sector,” he added.

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