Foreign Imported Cars Sit Idle At Port Storage Lot

Here’s an interesting look at the Los Angeles region’s long oil production history. One surprising photo shows drilling rigs lining the Long Beach oceanfront in the 1950’s, a level of industrial development that would be anathema today. However, local communities adapted over time to oil development infrastructure in their midst and the still-producing reservoirs now feature various methods of disguise, like faux office buildings that hide production activity. [The Atlantic]

Speaking at a conference in Colorado, GE CEO Jeff Immelt touted America’s newfound natural gas-related competitive advantage. “I can tell you for a fact that the cost for electricity for a steel mill in Texas vs. Europe is maybe half to a third the cost today.  So you have a tremendous competitive advantage…. This is potentially a great economic driver for the United States.” [Watchdog Wire]

The Rocky Mountain Institute highlights community support groups that help low-income households install solar power systems which save money on electric bills. “’Low-income families pay into the rebate pool like everyone else. Yet often, even with rebates, they can’t afford a solar home system,’ Shirley Moore, program manager at Grid Alternatives, told RMI. Grid Alternatives, or simply Grid, as it is fondly called, is a nonprofit organization providing low- to no-cost PV systems to low-income families throughout California, Colorado, New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.” [CleanTechnica]