EPA Admin Gina McCarthy Announces New Regulations Under Obama's Climate Action Plan

EPA Chief Gina McCarthy took umbrage with a New York Times article published earlier this week – and featured in one of our News Roundups – that claimed powerful environmental group Natural Resources Defense Council played “an influential role” in designing the agency’s high-profile carbon rule for existing power plants. In an internal memo McCarthy praised EPA staff – and mocked the Times’ article – for their hard work crafting the proposed regulation. “You crafted a proposal that ensures states and utilities have the flexibility they need to reduce carbon pollution in a practical and affordable way. You gave up evenings, weekends and time with your families to make sure we got this right, and you have the empty takeout boxes and coffee cups to prove it.” [The Hill]

This piece explains the legal details behind a recent New York State Court of Appeals’ decision to uphold local hydraulic fracturing bans. “Although the State of New York placed a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing in July 2008, any future attempts to lift the moratorium could prove irrelevant in light of this ruling.  With as many as 170 municipalities enacting bans or moratoriums on hydraulic fracturing and more expected to follow, absent a change in the OGSML, future oil and gas development in the state is at risk.” [Oil & Gas Financial Journal]

Russian President Vladimir Putin is off to Latin America to meet with heads of state, watch the World Cup Final and discuss the reportedly imminent construction of an Atlantic-Pacific canal to rival Panama’s. “On the sidelines of his visit to Havana, Putin is also expected to meet with Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega to discuss Russia’s involvement in the construction of a canal — presented as an alternative to the Panama Canal — that would connect the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The 278-kilometer canal’s construction is scheduled to beginning in December. [Moscow Times]