Immigration Activists Demonstrate In Los Angeles

As pressure to get institutional investors to divest holdings in fossil fuel-related companies increases, pension funds appear to be reacting slower than several college endowments. The logic advanced by climate activists is that as carbon pricing policies proliferate globally, companies that generate significant portions of their revenue from oil production or coal mining, for example, will increasingly face competitive disadvantages that weigh on their valuations.

Many fund managers argue – particularly where people’s pensions are concerned – that these investments offer solid returns and are needed as part of a balanced portfolio to ensure pensions can be paid over the next several decades. Universities and educational institutions, however, appear to be facing more direct pressure from faculty and students on this issue than pension fund managers.

“Students are camping outside the door in some cases – they don’t tend to do that outside pensions’ offices.” – A responsible investment expert, who asked to remain anonymous, as reported by the Financial Times