Labor Market Shows Improvement In June Reports

With over 30% of utility employees within five years of retirement and the oil & gas industry facing a similar exodus of experienced Baby Boomers, energy companies are grappling with how to staff this “great shift change.” At the same time, the US is experiencing an energy production renaissance that is creating thousands of new jobs, and US energy infrastructure – the aging power grid in particular – desperately requires upgrades, the cost of which many believe will extend into the trillions of dollars. Not the mention global energy infrastructure investments recently pinned at $48 trillion.

Filling these incremental employment requirements, while replacing positions lost to retirement, is a daunting challenge for many companies and a golden opportunity for those interested in working in an energy-related field. Science, technology, engineering and math – STEM – are at the tip of the required skillset spear, but legal, finance and countless additional skills are needed to keep US energy flowing in a safe, clean and affordable manner.

This situation inspired Breaking Energy to create a career networking forum – accessed via the tabs at the top of our main site – that includes top-down input from companies looking to hire new employees and bottom-up advice from students and job seekers. The forum also includes content generated by current students about their research into various energy issues, which allows them to showcase their talents and network with peers.

We will add content including new job listings and job search tools over the coming weeks and months, so stay tuned! If you’d like to submit something regarding your own job search experience or requirements, we welcome suggestions and feedback, please send your constructive ideas and content to [email protected].