Oil And Gas Industry Forms Backbone Of Brunei Economy

Gas-to-liquids plants that is. Facilities that convert natural gas into liquid transportation fuels like diesel and gasoline have become potentially attractive given current ample US natural gas supply and the fuel’s comparatively low price compared with other regional markets around the world.

This attractively-priced feedstock has already spurred a spate of chemical plant expansions and new facility construction, though GTL plant economics are complex and Shell last year cancelled plans to build a GTL facility on the Gulf Coast.

This new plan is interesting because the plant would be sited in Wyoming and built by small firms – Escalera Resources and Wyoming GTL – with private equity backing. The investors are considering two additional locations outside Wyoming and a decision should be announced by September.

“We think there is a market for these regional plants located in areas in the U.S., Canada and Mexico that produce transportation fuels,” he [Gene Humphrey, a Wyoming GTL representative] said. – Star Tribune