Cabinets From Both UK And Scottish Governments Meet In North East Scotland

At an oil and gas analyst conference being held today in New York City by Iberia Capital Partners – an energy-focused capital markets brokerage – executives from two offshore services companies discussed the current industry state of play and outlook.

Hercules Offshore President & CEO John Rynd and GulfMark Offshore President & CEO Quintin Kneen both see potential headwinds buffeting the offshore service market next year, with the supermajors stressing capital discipline, but they also see attractive signs coming from the US Gulf of Mexico.

“We’re seeing seismic activity on the [GOM continental] shelf. We haven’t seen that for 30 years.” – John Rynd

Hercules is also seeing activity in the salt and subsalt, he said, which is good for offshore drilling rig providers because drilling wells through those geologic formations takes longer, and that’s a good thing for a business largely driven by day rates for leasing rigs.