A large excavator loads a truck with oil

A female Suncor Energy employee was attacked and killed by a black bear at the company’s oil sands production facility in Northern Alberta, Canada yesterday. “An extensive investigation is now underway at a Suncor worksite in northern Alberta after a large male black bear attacked and killed a female employee. At about 2 p.m. at Suncor’s main base located 25 km north of Fort McMurray, a female was working on the site when she was attacked by the animal. Police say they were called to the North Steepbank Mine but when they got there, the woman was already dead.” [Calgary TV News]

INEOS expanded its agreement with Evergas for ethane transport vessels currently under construction in China. The Ethane will be supplied from Range Resources and CONSOL Energy. The natural gas liquid will be sourced from Marcellus shale gas and transported through the Mariner East pipeline and terminal system. “In January 2013, INEOS agreed a 15-year shipping agreement with Evergas for the transportation of ethane into Europe from the US Mariner East project, as the world’s first US ethane export contract. INEOS and Evergas have now expanded the agreement to secure additional capacity for long-term shipping of advantageously priced US ethane for INEOS’ European crackers at Rafnes and Grangemouth.” [ShaleMarkets.com]

President Obama today will announce up to 300 private and public sector leaders are increasing their solar energy commitments. He will make the announcement at a Walmart store in California, as the retailer says it will double onsite solar installations by 2020. “The move is further proof that the administration won’t back down on its pledge to not only act if Congress won’t, but to instill Obama’s second-term climate change legacy.” [The Hill]